Thursday 12 December 2013

Process from start to finish

I am often asked how long does it takes to make my pieces.

I thought, I would share with you the process from the 'clean' studio through to the finished pieces and how they evolve. Nothing is planned when I start, all these pieces could have turn out completely differently depending on my mood.

The time period is from the 14th October until 10th December 2013.
I try to start a new series of work with a tidy studio
The clay is laid out in slabs and cut into a variety of shapes very freely.
The pieces are left and finished until totally dry then stacked into the kiln.

The pieces are taken out of the kiln, I then make decisions on what pieces will go together.

Holes are drilled and pieces put together
Mounts are selected that will suspend the pieces
The pieces are covered with several coats of Gesso and the painting begins.
Several coats of paint to get the density of colour needed
Each piece is looked at and decisions made.
After a final protecting coat the pieces are ready to be photographed.

Pieces all lined up and ready for photography
Apogee H54W60D10 cms
Cyclic (Wall Piece) H73W32D20 cms
Eternal H69W30D30 cms
Lunar H48W36D8 cms
Pi H39W59D11 cms

Nadir H44W32D10 cms

Phase (1) H29W40D8 cms
Phase (2) H33W40D8 cms
Across (3) (Wall Piece) H50W14D12 cms

Quotidian H42W64D10 cms
Across (4+5)(Wall Piece) H45W40 cms each

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  1. Maravilloso tu trabajo me encantó la pureza de sus líneas, sobrio y elegante felicitaciones!!!!